Guest Post: Creative Home Decor Ideas


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Today’s post was contributed by Lubna Ali Khan

In the words of famous interior designer Ms. Linda Floyd, “When you enter into a room, it should be like a cityscape; a combination of different heights. You never want everything in a room to be of the same level or the same size. Accomplish this with different heights/sizes in your furnishings, art placement and window treatments.” Sure enough, it is your creative ideas that really make your house a home. With a wee bit if your time and creative sparks, decorating your home sure becomes a joyous activity.

1. Low-Lying Light Fixtures

Ever wondered why landscape lights add a mystical look to your outdoors? It is due to the intimacy these lights share with the foliage. Bring this outdoorsy charm into your home by adding a cluster if low-lying light fixtures in your home. Make a pattern of highs and lows while hanging lighting fixtures to display a charming pattern. This kind of light arrangement can make your reading nook warm and welcoming while you get to enjoy mystical lights above you.


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2. Startling Structure

Experiment with your weirdest of imaginations by setting up a staircase leading to nowhere. Psst… Only you will know the stairs lead to Neverland! Surprising structures like this is a creative way to catch one’s attention while it is functional enough to hold your prized possessions for a display. By setting up a diagonal staircase in a corner, you are not only creating a focal point, you are making a smart use of the otherwise idle space.


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3. Pair Plants With Objects

Indoor plants no doubt are the cheapest means to decorate your home. Plants add a refreshing look to your interiors while purifying the indoor atmosphere for you. Flaunt your creative side by pairing plants with objects of interest. Brass and wood best complement foliage; consider adding a brass object from your collection or set-up a tiny wooden house to create an appealing effect – your garden fairies surely will appreciate these warm gestures!


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4. Your Feet Need Not Get All The Warmth

If you have seen rugs adorning museum walls alone, it is time to flaunt this creative inspiration by sporting precious rugs on your walls. Treat your eyes to astounding patterns hand woven rugs have to offer and with rugs, you are creating an easy focal point for your room. Let your artistic side go wild while you experiment with horizontal, vertical and diagonal rug placement patterns even on your walls; and voila! You are just a click away from genuine hand woven rugs available in the UK.

5. Glass It Up

Colored or plain – glass is something you can never go wrong with when you use them in home décor. When it is glass, you have one less thing to worry about; glass is timeless and it can never go out of trend. It is time to put all those saved up jam, perfume and beverage bottles to use. Decorate your mantle, shelf and window sill with bottles of varying size and colour; adding twigs and flowers into them can add on to the drama.


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6. DIY For Sure

With a wide variety of DIY ideas budding from all those creative people from around the world, you can never fall short of ideas to try out new home décor stuff. The best part of DIY is that, you get to transform useless stuff into absolutely stunning home décor objects. Framing colorful mittens that have lost their pairs has been my personal favourite so far.


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