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My first post… so excited!:)

I thought that to share something personal in my first post is a great idea. So, I decided to invite you to my home, to my Moscow apartment to be precise. It is quite standard (for Russia) one-bedroom apartment comprising a room (main living area) and a kitchen. In Australa it is more like a studio with a kitchen separated from a main room.

All colour and interior decisions are mine – my apartment is the reflection of myself (to the extent my modest budget allowed me of course:)). I should admit, I did not devote enough time for the planning process and, as a result, it was quite chaotic: decisions about the rooms plan and colour pallets were done in 2-3 days between my business trips. It was great experience, both very challenging and tough and I took it as a good lesson for the future. There are few things that I will surely do differently next time:) In any case, I still do like what I have at the moment (given tough budget and timing I had). I think I managed to create a simple, but very functional and comfortable home in this 38 sq. m. space.

Alright, enough introduction, welcome to my living room! The living room has three functional zones: a work/study place, a wardrobe room and a main living area.

The wardrobe room is my pride. The apartment originally had a 5 sq.m. niche in the main room, which I converted to the wardrobe. This is actually not just the wardrobe … this is “all my stuff” room:) Seriously, I used to keep everything there: cloths, shoes, linen, cosmetics, medicine, roller skates and even skis… Amazing, how a thoroughly thought design of all those shelves and draws help you fit so much stuff in a small space. I did not plan the room myself – a lady from a wardrobe making company did. She was really helpful! She converted my wish list to the cleverly designed wardrobe. If you ever think to build a wardrobe room, definitely seek for professional help – it is not expensive (especially if you are consulting with a wardrobe producer) and totally worth it!

The picture below only shows the mirrored door to the wardrobe. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to make decent pictures of the interior inside such a small room…

The sofa on the picture defines the main living area. I love my sofa! I chose to upholster it in a quality jacquard of a close to brick colour with matching cushions. The sofa perfectly complements the mahogany wood flooring and it is probably the only interior object where I did not compromise on quality. I needed sofa that combines convenience, durability and my style – all of these I found in 8 Marta couch factory (Russia).

A 1m long wall behind the sofa separates the main living area from the work place. The wall was made of a gypsum plasterboard. I like all sorts of niches and shelves… so, I decided to leave two notches in this wall. They look like a small windows and are perfect for placing cute interior decorations, like the vase and the candle I have there.

The work place is fairly small: 1.5 sq.m. only. The width of the table is something like 50-60 cm. To be honest, it is not very convenient. But it served very well the purpose it was created for: occasional work from home plus study (I used to have 1-2 weeks of intensive preparation for exams semi-annually).

Warm colours associate with comfort for me, that is why I chose yellow to redish pallet for the apartment. The main living room was painted in a light caramel colour with a pinkish tint, hallway connecting the living room with the kitchen – in a light peachy and the kitchen – in a light lemon.

The kitchen. I decided I want a kitchen that invites and sets mood for cooking and eating – yellow to orange colours with some red accents was the answer. For the kitchen set I chose peach colour for the upper half and zebrawood for the lower one (don’t get excited – it’s not a real zebrawood:)). A tabletop was done in a light oak. I love red poppies as a part of interior decorations. I decided to place smaller flowers on the tiles and the bigger ones on the opposite wall as a wall decoration. Well, dishes and salt and pepper set also have red poppies on them.. Is it a little bit too much?:)) Actually, I had dishes as a birthday present first.. They are light orange with poppies and they inspired me for the whole kitchen colour pallet… Funny, how small things inspire you for something colossal:) I chose metallic oven and refrigerator which add a bit of industriality and balance the softness of the kitchen.

The bathroom. An apple-green bath was the only object I left untouched from previous owners. As you may see, this colour determined the whole colour choice for the bathroom. I find this tint of green very positive and relaxing – it’s so great to lay in a green bath full of foam, inhale essential oils of cedar or eucalyptus and think of something eternal…:)

(sorry for the pictures quality. This is from my archive – I obviously was not planning to post it anywhere:)