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Last week pleased me with the new discovery: Princess Coco Chocolaterie, Sydney.

I had a girlish catch-up in this dreamlike gorgeous place. The place is decorated with my favourite bourgeois style. I love these Rococo style velvet seaters, elegant chandeliers and stripped wallpapers. For me it is so much associated with France – circa 1920’s.

The main colour is gold brown talently combined with the bold purple. The fresh lavender and lilac flowers add lighter purple accents and add a delicate charm to the place. The chic chandeliers and the nice vintage decorations create an atmosphere of a fairy tale – as if you have been transferred by a time-machine to the past, when chocolatiers just have started to create and sell this magic called “Chocolate”.

The place also has very interesting art installation built in the cafe window: the moving horns with a chocolate-like liquid, which was flowing from one horn to another. It looks very unusual and sophisticated.

Needless to say that deserts were ones of perfection too. They were not just beautiful, but also amazingly delicious! My tastebuds just were purring from the pleasure.

Wonderful place! If you want to indulge yourself with some sweets definitely go there! It is not just a gastronomic delight, but also a pleasure to get dissolved in the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere where everything you see and eat is a pure enjoyment.