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Grand Designs Live is an interior, exterior and design exhibition held in Sydney this weekend. As you may guess I did attended. It was a truly well organised event. The space was divided in four major zones: Grand Interiors, Grand Outdoors, Grand Building and Grand Kitchens and Bathrooms. The names are pretty self-explanatory:)
I am, as, probably many other girls, really bad with all technical stuff.. So, don’t expect me to share anything from the building category:) Other zones had quite a lot of great discoveries! Probably too many, so I decided to split the post in three parts. This part describes only interiors.

I started with the Whitehouse rooms, which, I understand, were created by the students of the Whitehouse Institute of Design. For me the number one was the bedroom designed by Demi Barnes. I loved these pipe like lighting, warm colors, cool patterns of the wallpapers, perfectly matching cushions and throw. According to manager of the stand at the exhibition, Demi designed patterns herself – the patterns of wallpapers and upholstery of the chairs (I didn’t take picture of the chairs unfortunately).

On my question “Where I can buy any of those items?” the manager said I should contact Demi directly. Just in case anyone’s interested her e-mail: demi.barnes@gmail.com

The Dee Molineaux shop stand out for me. A lot of really cool items from vintage table and sofa to vases and bird houses.
It was actually funny when I saw that lady working in that stand (probably it was Dee herself?) get a bit upset when I told her that I make a lot of picture to share with my friends and put some of them in my blog.. Yes I was not going to buy any of those amazingly cute, adorable things.. I simply don’t have space for these in my rented apartment:) But if I decide to settle down here, Dee, be sure, your shop will be number one on my list to check!

I’ve checked the website of the shop as well. Seriously, a lot of marvelous things and interior ideas!
On the home page there is also an interesting fact about Dee: she used to work as a production designer in film and TV commercials. I think this is quite impressive as well as the pictures of her shop: unusual vintage pieces of the art! Check the website yourself.

Also, I liked the design of a bathroom made by another young designer from the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Victoria Ward. I love the simplicity of the design. It’s simple and interesting at the same time. The unusual panel and contemporary bath zest this interior up. Leaves add freshness and complete the whole ensemble of the “close to nature” design.

Victoria can be contacted via e-mail: victoriaward1991@gmail.com

The girlish room by Lilly and Lolly:

On their website there are quite a few adorable pieces of furniture and interior design objects for kids bedrooms.

Next image relates to the exhibitor which name, to my shame, I did not write.. anyway, look at these vases! (They are so romantic!) And also at this often used but still great combination of the white and red – love it!

That’s it for today:) Other discoveries will follow in the next couple of posts:)