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Part two will be entirely devoted to patterns, fabrics and textures. There are so many interesting findings to share!

I will start with Mansours. The chair with cushions on the picture below and the fabric blinds on the next picture are the small range of the goods the company produces. The stand also had a lampshade upholstered with an intricately cool pattern, curtains and, of course, a huge range of the fabrics with different prints. These guys can upholster your old furniture as well as create new one. Isn’t it great?! Especially if you have your own design of the furniture and your colour palette wish list. It may be pricy though.. but there is always a cheaper option – to buy pre-loved furniture and upgrade it with the quality upholstery.

For some reasons the choice provided on the company’s website is quite limited. I think they just need to be contacted in order to explore all the variety of options on offer.

The Busatti round seater was another interesting object attracted my attention: look at these vintage, lace-like patterns! For me it definitely conjures up images of the mid-century palaces, the pomposity of women’s dresses and the luxury of fabrics.

Seriously, look at the combination of the patterns and colours! Gorgeous!

Next stop was at the Kerrie Brown stand. Saturated colours, unusual prints and innovative ideas for lampshades: the whole stand was a pure feast for the eyes! I think that the lampshades themselves can make the whole interior blossom: it may be either a bright accent in a rather restrained interior or can be a part of a fusion mystery in more brave and colourful interiors.

There is one more thing that I liked a lot about Kerrie’s stand: her business cards:) I know this sounds silly.. but they were so cute! They are quite small (about 1/3 of the regular business cards’ size) with different awesome prints on the back.. They looked like mini postcards:) I think this is very important to express yourself in every possible way. Why not create cool business cards with a unique identity? Great work!

Mokum Textiles produces both upholstery and wallpapers. You may order matching prints, or same pattern/different colour or totally different the upholstery and the wallpapers. I liked the couch and cushions displayed at the exhibition:

The company has a good choice of prints and colours. The picture below is just one page from their catalogue (it perfectly visualises the use of the upholstery and the wallpapers with similar patterns):

The only drawback here is that Mokum Textiles is a wholesaler. So, you will need to find cushion producer or designer, who can help you to order materials from the company.

Cushions, cushion, cushions… yes – these are never excessive:) The below are the outdoor cushions – good choice, nice patterns, quality fabric:

If you are looking for the cushions, definitely check out Great Outdoor Cushions website. They have really good selection.