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Alright, Part 3 – the final one:)

I will start with Insituart. The company can transfer digital images on different type of surfaces: stone, wood, tiles.. any! They only require the image was of a good resolution. The technology called Digital Affresco. On the image below there are 4 tiles with the print transferred on them. I needed to touch it to believe they were real tiles:)


I remember when I did repairs in my apartment I saw incredible Italian tiles with black-and-white images on them. They were quite expensive.. Not sure how expensive this technology is, but it definitely gives a freedom to express yourself:) Just imagine: white or light-coloured bathroom with the floor like this:


Plus couple of bright accents (blue and red) and you have a very stylish space! The image, by the way, is taken at the Street Art exhibition held on Cockatoo Island, Sydney last year. I specifically made this shot with the highest resolution possible – I thought that one day I would print it out, put on canvas and hang on the wall.. Should I transfer it on the floor tiles instead?!:)

The Art of bathing by Minosa stand was one the most interesting for me at the exhibition. Look at these gorgeous sinks:


I think that on the wall, hanging like this – in a group, they look same good as separately when used in a traditional way:) Probably on the wall they look even better: creating unusual design, some sort of “contemporary extravaganza”:))
Another great bathroom attributes displayed at the stand are the shower heads.. I would love to have one of those!


The website is so much worth checking – amazing choice and ideas of a dream bathroom!

Kitchen. Just imagine you don’t need to clean up the mess after cooking… just hide it! And in a matter of seconds you can enjoy food and drinks at a clean and nice dining area.. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?:)) This is exactly what is on offer in Taste – transformable cooking/dining place. So, the idea is simple: after you finish cooking, leave all dishes in a sink, push a tap inside and slide the table over the cooking place, see the picture below (it’s from the company’s website). Awesome!

Don’t get too excited though – the mess will not disappear itself..:))
The company also offers other hi-tech decisions for the kitchen, like this one on the picture below. The sensors underneath of a kitchen chest make the plastic curtains to slide up and down when sense a hand movement.


I loved the lighting displayed by a Nimbus company. Especially the unusual form of this pink luminaire.


Outdoor metallic dome-like arbour. It will look particularly good when an ivy or decorative types of grape envelop the construction creating a natural cover. It’s a great idea if you have a substantial space to place it. I can definitely see the modified version of the arbour as a hotel or restaurant summer terrace.


The last image I wanted to share is the “green” wall:


Excellent decoration idea for exteriors!:)

Ok. That’s about it! It was the great exhibition – so many new ideas and inspirations!