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The kitchen in my rented unit was one of the main reasons I chose this apartment. I decided to share it here because I think this is a really clever solution to separate the dining area from the living one in a relatively small space.

Not sure what was the initial floor plan, but it seems the niche was there originally. Also, there was a space between the corridor and the kitchen area. It was closed with the wall with shelves. The shelves are from the other side of the kitchen – in the corridor.

The round table (approximately 1m in diameter) perfectly fits into this niche releasing hips of space for the living room. To be honest, the space is comfortable for maximum two people.. The equipment in the kitchen is of a quite modest size: the gas-stove has only two burners, the oven is half of the normal size as well as the dishwashing machine. I am totally ok with this, as I am not a keen cook:))

Oh, did you notice? There are placemats with my favourite poppies on them… Yes I could not resist – bought them just recentlyJ