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I know a lot of people dislike Halloween or are just quite neutral about all the craziness surrounding it… I am not one of those:))) I am really enjoying the idea to somehow touch the other world, to tickle your nerves and  express yourself with the weird costume and home decorations… there is something magnificent about it! I’m going to a Halloween party this weekend, so there are lots of things to think of. I was surfing the Internet for a week or two already and found quite a few nice or, in some cases, really impressive Halloween decorations.


Of course pumpkins! Can you imagine Halloween without it? I like these painted ones – think black & white version looks quite classy…

 Pumpkin as an art object … Wow, it can be really great when a talented artist takes carving instruments.. and creates something extraordinary like these lanterns done by Ray Villafane:


I am impressed with the variety of the characters and the level of details carved out on the pumpkins. Really amazing! Isn’t it? Especially the scariest one:

I would never put this one at home … not sure whether I would be able to sleep well, having this art next to me..:)

Alright, enough for scary stuff.. Halloween can be fluffy and cute too. I like some decorating ideas for Halloween taken from my sister friend’s website, who is a decorator:


How about these cupcakes, snacks and drinks?

Anya, the sister’s friend, decorates spaces for different events and photosessions, creating wonderful, well-thought themed interiors. She’s really good in what she’s doing – I’m sure I will share some of her other ideas in my posts.

In the end something fluffy and scary at the same time:

Happy Halloween!!!