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Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia are those three the most popular countries Russians love to go to for a weekend or holidays. The resorts provide everything people usually seek in lazy holidays: beautiful sea, warm climate, visa-free entry, relatively cheap tourist packages and a good quality of service..  Well, and of course “all inclusive” options – so appealing and inviting for a regular Russian:)) Being a regular Russian myself, I used to travel to these countries a lot.. (no, no, don’t get me wrong, – no “all inclusives” for me:))

I was always impressed by the contrast of rather plain exteriors of the buildings and great patterns of tiles, fabrics, tableware and interiors inside the old mosques. My repost of the Serbian patterns pushed me to go back to my photo archives in the search of those wonderful memories I have from these journeys.. To my big disappointment I could only find some pictures from Tunisia made about 7-8 years ago.. Nevertheless, it was great to remind myself about those cute star dishsets that I didn’t buy and regretted for a very long time afterwards:)

Amazing colours and patterns! As well as the idea of the sets – they are so convenient for the party table to be used for different sauces and small snacks. It is beautiful and functional at the same time.

I think everything that relates to food is pretty colourful in the Arabic countries. I love the spices stalls – a great example of the natural saturated palette:

The choice of the tableware was really great in a souvenir shop – such a variety of the forms and colours! Prices were also very pleasant.. Given that the majority of the vendors expect you to bargain, the final prices are usually so ridiculously low that people tend to buy more stuff then they need:))
 I also have a couple of pictures from a museum in Tunis. I really loved the floor tiles and golden patterns of the dome:

The museum has the world’s largest collection of the Roman era mosaics – some are of a really rear quality. There are so many ancient items with unique patterns, as for example the floor on the picture above: it has figures of some fish types that have disappeared already.

To my shame I forgot the name of the museum.. so, I decided to find it out in the Internet. It is Bardo museum. Together with the name I found some other beautiful pictures of the floor and ceiling:


Beautiful, rich in colour patterns of Roman and Byzantine eras ensorcell …