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The sexiest hotel in the world. This is exactly how this Turkish hotel positions itself. Well, I should admit that I have never saw the interior design so much disposing to any sort of intimacy … Standard rooms have cool beds, which are basically mattresses on the floor, a chilling area (thick mats with geometrically shaped cushions), a small bar with a jacuzzi just next to it. Yes, everything is placed inside the main room:) So, you may take jacuzzi while your partner is drinking champagne next to you…

All walls are covered with mirrors.. The lights can be switched to 4 different modes: usual, greenish, orange sun and red. Red is very extreme one… everything becomes red: objects and people – interesting for a little bit, but really tiring for a longer period.

Shower cabins in the rooms are also designed for two. They are not just a bit bigger than usual – they have seats:) Seats, because the shower can also be switched to a sauna mode… and people can enjoy this intimate sauna together. Have a look at the room images:

Sounds quite romantic so far, isn’t it?:)) I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but it is more like a party hotel now: a lot of major club parties are hosted over there .. (I was there for a corporate event for 4 days.. not sure how our organizers ended up with this hotel for a corporate event..:)))

Mirrors.. Have I told already that mirrors are everywhere? Yes – they are literally – everywhere: in the rooms, in the corridors on each level, in the hallways of the main lobby and the bar area. Generally it looks great: you can always see light reflections, which give a feeling of airiness… Together with the light reflections though you see reflections of everything else, which reflect back and forth hundred times. You know how you put mirrors in front of each other and an object in between has its reflections in both mirrors as well as repeating reflections of reflections – same thing! But in a bigger scale: everything in the room has hundreds of reflections. You leave the room and see same thing everywhere else… sounds a bit psychedelic? It’s not far from the reality: human brain just cannot process that much information (thousands of reflected images) all the time.. I saw people simply bumped into the mirrors, because they could not differentiate where’s mirror and where’s actually entrance to another hall..:))) I, myself, was really close to that too, but in the last minute I could recognise myself approaching me:)))) That was really “interesting” experience.

Well, parties over there are amazing: main bar, which during day time looks like that:

transforms to a major dance floor during night-time and looks like that:

Similar mats to ones in each room lie at the both sides of the bar.. So, you can comfortably chill out lying of the floor.

Hotel area is decorated with “apple trees” I love these installations along the hotel with quadrant red apples – the symbol of the hotel.

Apart from the trees outside the hotel looks really ordinary, but because of different-colour lights in the rooms it looks a bit surreal in the night-time. Photographers love to take shots of the hotel in the evening:

Well, generally the light is AMAZING for the photography inside the rooms! I love this picture of me taken over there – it is still one of my favorites. Note – no Photoshop adjustments.

 From design perspective it is definitely worthwhile visiting, but I should admit it was the most unusual hotel experience in my life. I know that the hotel has family rooms as well and I know people, who actually took their children to this hotel… In my humble opinion this hotel is definitely not for a nice family holiday. I think it will be more suitable for single people, who enjoy partying, meeting new people and one-night “love” stories.

Some of the images used in the post are courtesy of the meander travel services agency.