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I love photography and when photography becomes an art my love gets only stronger:) I had a pleasure to visit The Art Tea place in Watsons Bay (Sydney), which displays Cary Zheng Zhang artworks. I loved every single print I saw!

I am actually really lucky to know Cary personally. I find his story very inspiring and worthwhile sharing. So, Cary has a degree in accountancy and has a pretty successful career in finance… Quite ordinary, isn’t it? Well, maybe, that’s why I am here to tell about Cary’s hobby: photography. Not just regular photography, but iPhone art photography. Cary started experimenting with Hipstomatic … and this is where the wonder began.

First of all I should say that Cary has a fine eye on things – he sees beauty in regular, every day objects. Secondly, he has progressed so greatly in a use of all possible Hisptomatic tools that make his picture even more interesting. I am serious: he only uses iPhone and Hipsotmatic! And does it really great.

Mysterious refracted lines, mirrored objects, great use of colours and filters – this what makes his works look so fantastic! Some of you may argue that the same effects can easily be done in Photoshop… Yes, if you actually know the functionality of the software, and yet it will require a coupe of hours (or more?) to process the images.  Cary creates his art in a matter of seconds – by choosing right colour, filter and composition of the objects in the moment of actually taking a picture. To create something truly interesting one really needs to see how all of the adjustments will work altogether at the end and Cary sees it perfectly well.

For me there is something magnificent about these pictures. They do leave a long lasting impression. I saw Cary’s works on his Facebook page about a half year ago for the first time and I’m still intrigued by the intricate patterns of his images. Alright, enough words. Have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself:

How about iconic Opera House:

All pictures are sources from the Cary’s FB page in a low resolution.  Other wonderful works can be found (and bought as well) on Cary’s website.

The prints will look great both separately and in a group: