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The Cool House is a temporary pop-up store hosted by The Cool Hunter in Sydney over the last 10 days. The boutique was set up in the Lighthouse (Pacific Bondi Beach) penthouse overseeing the beach and was featuring hand-picked interior design items, art and other cool lifestyle things. All items presented in the store were for sale, so everyone had a chance to get some cool stuff.

I was already writing about the changing of the shopping experience.. So, the pop-up temporary concept is another great example of what retail can offer.  I think this is just a brilliant idea, especially for the on-line businesses. First of all, the rent cost is relatively low. Secondly, the smart advertising before the start day attracts maximum possible customers, who actually interested in the products. Generally, I think that the whole idea of the store being open for only a short period of time creates a sort of rush… people know that they don’t have much time to think – they just need to get there before it’s closed.. OMG, how can we miss it?!:)) I also could not miss it, especially because of the fact that one of my friends helped to style the store – I was keen to check it out.

Alright, beautiful store and beautiful things in pictures:





Cool_house_4987Loved the wooden pendant lights:

Cool_house_4991and vases:

Cool_house_5001_and grassy rabbit:

Cool_house_4973and the tiles:


Some of the images are courtesy of The Cool Hunter.