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The New Years Eve is just one day away… I am so excited about it! This is my favourite fest.. I think it goes from the childhood. NYE is a greater fest for Russians than Christmas, probably because it goes first and also because it is a 4-days public holiday:) Christmas is on 7th of January and it is also 2-days public holiday.. So, people usually take additional 2-3 days of vacation between the two and enjoy long break at full:) I think we have the same craziness as I saw here before the Christmas. All the presents, decorations, fir-trees, crowded shops, etc.. (the only difference that we buy all the pressies and decorate homes for NYE, not for Xmas:)) I miss it a little bit, because NYE associates to me with snow and fir-trees, which, as you can imagine, is quite hard to find in Sydney..:))

The NYE decorations are also a bit different. I think it is predominantly colder colours: blue and white.. Well, and of course green fir-trees and gold (the gold is very traditional colour in Russia, which, I think, comes from the decorations of all the tsar palaces and castles..). Red colours are also used, but to a lesser extent. Even our Santa Clause (or Ded Moroz, literally translated as “Granddad Frost”) can wear blue gown as well as the red one… Snowgirl will always be in blue:)

I chose some of the NYE decor pictures, which remind me Russian way of New Year’s decorating:






Paper snow-flakes in Sydney apartment of my friends:

One of my favourite NYE trees (it is in Moscow in front of the office I used to work at). The photographs were taken by one of my colleagues:



All the rest pictures are sourced from Decor and Milaya Lavka