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Tokyo, one of the biggest megalopolises in the world, combines different eras of human history. It is most obviously seen in architecture: you can find shrines dated 10-14 century next to 1960-1980th grey buildings, as well as striking architecture of modern architects and designers. I decided to start sharing Tokyo experience with the latter. Omotesando, the area to the south of Tokyo, is the great example of the contemporary art in clothing and architecture.

It is here you will find high fashion designer shops. Even if you are not a fan of an expensive brands, the area still worthwhile checking from architecture and interior design view.. There are two buildings in particular that attracted my attention: Prada shop and the office and shops complex next to it.

I took pictures of the Prada store both during day and night – it’s just incredible! The whole building consists of glass rhombuses with majority of them having convex shape. This gives interesting perspectives of what inside the shop and cool reflections of what’s outside:)






Next to Prada is Cartier and the office and shops building, which combines several stores on the ground level. I love these “dancing” panels of the building and mosaic like picture covering part of the ground floor.





Yamamoto’s store (a bit further on the street) is not remarkable from outside, but from inside it has absolutely gorgeous ceiling splitting 1st and 2nd floor, which is made of iron rafters forming interesting shapes and is colored in white. Kate Spade’s store has bright wallpaper with cool patterns, interesting pendant lights and the stairs colored in white with play cards signs on it (very distinctive Spade’s style).. oh well, I was refused to take any picture of this beauty..:) Anyway, there is so much more to share… every day brought so many cool discoveries!:) Hope I will have time soon to post the rest:)