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The Sailor Club restaurant and bar is a new trendy place in Sydney (well, relatively new – it’s been open for about 6 months now). It is interesting place from the interior design perspective.. To be honest, I was drafting this post for some time now.. I just could not make my mind about it: the place is nice, but it is not great at the same time.. so, it was quite difficult to formulate what exactly I like and dislike about it.

The Sailors Club has a great location and an appealing interior design. It is located on the pier in Rose Bay, Sydney, overlooking the bay. The place is divided into three functional zones: a restaurant, a lounge area and a terrace. Each zone has its own interior design and atmosphere..  I think this is why I had difficulty to describe it – the three spaces within one place are quite detached from each other… the same is for my impression of the place. I mostly love the lounge area and the terrace. The lounge area has absolutely amazing mix of differently-shaped chairs, unusual tables and bright coaches upholstered in quality fabrics. This area is connected to the bar and the terrace and is quite spacious. Lots of light and space create a great airy atmosphere for having drinks and chilling out with friends. Also, you can always jump out to the terrace with the great view. The interior design of the terrace is simple, but the atmosphere is great – it’s a perfect place to sip a drink in a summer evening and meet new people. So, the lounge area and the terrace:




Pictures above are courtesy of The Sailors Club.

The pictures below are a little bit dark – they were taken in the evening:

Birthday_0017_ Birthday_0013_An incredible, looking like a vintage suitcase, chest of drawers between the restaurant and the bar areas is probably my favourite object there:

1111_3665_The restaurant space is a different story. It is quite minimalistic with the lemon-yellow accents being the main colour theme: yellow chairs, some of the cushions are yellow and waiters pants..are also yellow:). Well, cushions have great patterns, and I think that the comfort of the place solely relates to the use of these cushions.. Generally, I don’t like the way the restaurant was designed in terms of space and furniture use. For the restaurant having prices higher than average and pretending to be a cool place, the chairs and benches used in the interior could have been more … sophisticated, if you will.





If you happen to sit on the wooden benches built along the walls, be prepared to have a sore back by the end of the evening.. People sitting on the benches can at least put a cushion to support a back, others, sitting on the backless stools will struggle by the end of the evening (although, I think these reel-like stools is really an exceptional furniture find and is perfect for the “sailors” theme). If you are bigger than size S or M, forget about cushions – the benches are just too narrow. The tables are located on a ridiculously close distance between each other, so when restaurant is full it is very loud… When we had a company of 6 there, I could not hear my friend from the other side of a table…what a great environment to catch up and share news!:)))) I don’t discuss food here.. but just a couple of words: overpriced for the quality and amount of food you receive.

Well, I don’t like just to criticize someone else’s work.. I decided to show what I understand under “sophisticated” and how proper space planning and use of quality furniture changes the game.

I will compare The Sailors Club in Sydney with Sixty in Moscow. Interiors in both of them are quite minimalistic and contemporary with yellow used as the main accent colour. Sixty is located on the 62nd level of a “Federal” tower in Moscow and has great views of the city from a bird’s eye and, of course, has a different concept, but I think the interior is definitely more inviting in this place.

IMG_8504 IMG_8464 IMG_8233

Pictures of Sixty are courtesy of the Ginza Project.

On the contrast to The Sailors Club, Sixty has really comfortable chairs, tables are located in a good distance from each other leaving space for a “comfort” zone. I think this is a good example of how minimalism may look solid and be comfortable: I think that chairs upholstered in a quality fabric per se create softer look and add elegance to the space.

My verdict: Definitely visit The Sailors Club when in Sydney – for drinks. I can only recommend the lounge and the terrace areas.