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I’ve chosen Maximo Riera as the first designer to start my monthly pick tradition with. I’ve just recently came across his fabulous works in the Internet. This Spanish designer creates absolutely spectacular sofas and chairs with the backs looking like different animals. The collection is not huge at the moment – it has just five absolutely stunning pieces: Octopus, Rhino, Whale, Walrus, Elephant chairs and Toad sofa. The Beetle chair is in development stage.

The level of details is just astounding: the skin and the posture of animals were very closely reproduced. The animals were made of high-density polyurethane with the seaters enveloped in real leather. All finished in black, baroque seaters and magnificent animal backs create some sort of unique Gothic chic. As you can imagine, these chairs will require a lot of space… I can easily see them in a classy house or bar/restaurant with creative interior.

Enjoy the pictures of these stunning artworks. First is the Octopus chair:

Octopus1 Octopus2 Octopus3

The Whale chair:

Whale1 Whale2 Whale3

The Rhino chair:

Rhino1 Rhino2 Rhino3

The Elephant chair:

Elephant1 Elephant2 Elephant3

The Walrus seater:

Walrus1 Walrus3 Walrus2

The Toad sofa: