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Yes, my friends, St. Valentine’s day is just 1 day and several hours away and it’s predetermined this month’s theme: Love and Romance.

I am currently in a very special, pinkish-romantic mood expecting all the miracles and wonderful surprises to happen…:)) Think I always got in such a mood before this day, even if there were no particular reasons to expect anything.. silly, isn’t it?:) And yes, if I received only “valentines” from my friends during the day I used to upset a little bit.. but it was later in the day.. closer to the evening, when realising that no secret admirer decided to take the first step..:) Well, a little bit unpleasant realisation, but who cares?! – the whole 2-3 days before 14 Feburary I was in a beautiful dreamy mood – think it’s very girlish thing:))

Let me share my “hearts” mood with you. I’ve selected some romantic interiors and home decor with the very typical pink, red, hearts, lace, flowers elements as well as DYI projects and artwork. I will start with the artwork made by my friend, Olesya Voytsekhovskaya – “Happy ever after”:


I love her artworks! The work above was submitted to the art exhibition in Sydney’ TAP gallery. So, if you are in Sydney, you may check it out in the gallery.

I like these pink interiors: perfect to relax with a glass of wine:)



The bathrooms – very inviting:

Bathroom Pink_bathroom bath

Simple and stylish home decor:

Valentines-Day-home-decor-1 wooden heart_ Heart_frame

There are some nice DYI projects I’ve came across on the Creative Ideas FB page:

DIY_hearts DIY_heart gift box

Quilling technique applied to create these romantic hearts:


Happy St. Valentine’s Day, everyone! ♥