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I was impressed with many things in Japan… Interiors design is one of them. As with everything else, Japan offers a really cool mix of interiors: minimalistic traditional comfort, colourful modern fusion, edgy designer outlooks and classy European chic. I haven’t been to anybody’s home, so can only judge by the public places I’ve visited. I did not take pictures of European designs though, because they suddenly looked so ordinary..:)

I was trying to experience some nice local cuisine and traditional food. So, traditional places are quite puritanical and have low tables allowing only sitting on the floors covered with tatami mats and cushions. This place was in a very touristic area and, accordingly, had traditional decoration – maneki-neko (or lucky cat:))

Kyoto_0230_ Kyoto_0234__1

This modern Japanese place had minimalistic design. I liked the idea of the wall decoration: different height wooden plates with some [hopefully cool] signs placed the wall.


There are some very nice places in Golden Gai (area in Shinjuku, Tokyo) – hips of really small bars designed for only 5 to 10 people… max:) They are very tiny, but each place has its own vibe and design. The whole idea is to have a quick drink in one place and crawl to another one:)

This place’s design is very busy: just a lot of everything: art, drinks, pictures, signs, t-shirts, guitars.. on the walls, the doors and the ceiling:) I bet, it already sounds a bit bizarre, but this mix creates the unique atmosphere and arouses interest, so you get stuck there for longer to just explore and take pictures..

Japan_0852_ Japan_0853_ Japan_0851_ Japan_0854_ Japan_0864_

Probably the most exciting place I randomly found in Tokyo was Meguro Chaya in Meguro area. I just loved the wall decoration covered with colorful fabrics of absolutely amazing colours and national patterns. They are so different! And patterns are so busy and intricate – they make you willing to study it. I also liked the zingy mix of furniture: flower lamps, French chandeliers, regular tables and chairs combined with round benches and barrels used as a base for some of the tables. In the bar area there are a lot of nice vases, strange objects, glasses and a massive logo installation above. I think I generally like such busy eclectic interiors, where everything is all over the place, but somehow all things fit in one space and complement each other.

Japan_0745 Japan_0728_ Japan_0734_ Japan_0738_ Japan_0743_

I enjoyed the last two places a lot! I think this is because the interiors there give food for the brain… you just unconsciously start wondering with eyes over the walls exploring all small elements of the decorations – I love it!:)