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Congratulations to all you, beautiful women, on International Women’s Day!

Personally I love this day.. It’s a really big deal in Russia. First of all, it is a national public holiday; second of all men are trying to please women very hard.. lots of flowers and attention – there’s really nothing to dislike!:) Flowers are probably the main theme during this day (think flower shops make 2-3 months sales figure during this day!:)) So, I decided to pick flowers as a main theme of the month.

I love flowers used as a decoration in the interior. Hopefully you will enjoy the choice I made:

Floral_pinterest Yellow&purple Living-Room-Interior-Designs-with-Purple-Flowers-Wallpaper-Murals-Ideas_beazley Pano SITTING ROOM 522587_10151472445128117_1965042467_n


Sourced from Pinterest and FB community.

My mom adores Provence style in the interior design, which presumes extensive use of small flowers in the interiors. Mom, this is specially for you:)

Provance_barente Provance_barene

Sourced from Barene.ruProvance_2 Provance_ona_znaetSourced from Ona-znaet.ru

I also love chairs made in the form of flowers:

FLower chair Glamourous-Flowers-Armchair-from-Sicis-Next-Art

From Pinterest.

Flowers are great in the decorations as well. I chose the ones that are quite easy to do and are great looking at the same time:

mla103508_0708_dressed_din_xl Candles a100406_win04_sidedahlia_xlFrom Martha Stewart blog,  Creative Ideas on FB and Pinterest.

I used to do some nice DIYs for my mother on this day, so can’t resist and share this cute DIY card project:


From Creative Ideas on FB.

Have a great International Women’s Day!