SM_iconsSocial media is a quite interesting topic. I decided to share my observations in the blog because it directly relates to it:)

When I started the blog, I think the most interesting thing for me, after the topic itself, was to explore the digital world: to create a website (yes, I know it’s very easy in WP, but still it was new for me), promote it and interact with others.

So, I was trying to do everything at the same time:) I’ve created pages in social media: Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and now on Twitter.. At the time I was creating my page on G+, Google launched ‘communities’ feature and actively suggested to create yours:) Which, as you may guess, I did:)) It is interesting, that on FB I have only 24 followers to date.. and on G+ more then 600.. majority of whom came through the community. The community turned out to be a live independent organism, which somehow grows every day.. It is currently more than 500 members in my community..

I find that all the social media pages are very time-consuming, because I constantly check it, see what other people share, then share myself, comment and manage the Google community – this is so easy to do, but still takes heaps of time. When I’m busy with work I just don’t have enough time for my blog, so social media substitute ‘posts-writing’ with ‘other people’s stuff-sharing’:)) Funny, but my pages became quite detached from the blog – very different content:) Even though I try to connect them by posting monthly themes and picks in the blog and visa versa.. they remain too different..:)

Speaking about communities.. It’s such a great source of inspiration and place to share information and promote your business. Also, very good way to meet people with similar interests. By the way, I chose second moderator of the community from the members – I didn’t know her before. Virginia is a very positive young lady from Spain and definitely shares my passion for interesting interior designs and cool furniture finds. I was so glad when she agreed to be moderator!:) Feel great that the community brings people together – I have already discovered hundreds of interesting blogs, businesses, designers and artists.. it’s just incredible!

Why am I writing it here? First, to keep track of my digital journey, I guess.. Second, I think it would be great, if someone can leave their thoughts on it too: I know a lot of you have pages in  social media too.. I’m just curious what are your observations, any tools you discovered to keep everything up to date or any transformations to the things you do to keep the content similar? Any other thoughts?:)

I actually have one… in Russia there is a couple of social networks – very popular nationwide… I was thinking to create the pages there too, but the fact that I will have to translate everything in Russian stops me now:))

If you’re interested in the interiors, of course – don’t hesitate to follow me everywhere and join and participate in the G+ community: FacebookGoogle+PinterestTwitter, G+ Community🙂

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