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5 minutes away from the beach, 3-bedroom rooftop apartment in North Bondi, Sydney – it is already sounds fantastic!:) My friends were quite lucky to get this apartment for rent: convenient location, amazing views and just enormous rooftop terrace. It is a home to three very talented people: Julia, Jesse and Heiley (in Australia it is very common to share apartments). I didn’t take pictures of the whole apartment  – just my favourite parts: the terrace and the study room. I do like minimalistic design in these spaces as well as bright accents and added by guys to spice them up:

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I like how guys utilise very simple things to create something nice like these jars with houseplants:


There is one more thing I love about this space: art. Jesse is very talented artist, photographer and video producer. I’m just in love with his Woody Allen portrait made of small wooden sticks [funny: wooden Woody:))]:

1202_4640_At the moment I was taken the pictures there was one work in progress: Twiggy.


I think these works are just great!