Love the Easter time for creativity. Seriously, who would’ve thought that it is possible to create thousands of amazing designs with just eggs and bunnies… Wow!

I have already shared some decoration ideas seen in Imagine your homes blog. I want to share some more today, because imagination here just don’t have any limits.

I want to start with decoration I once saw in the Intercontinental hotel (Almaty) during Easter time. They set up a live corner with bunnies and chicks.. So adorable! Me an my colleagues like kids – every evening were near that fence watching them:))

Kazakstan2 327_ Kazakstan2 315_ Kazakstan2 314_

The restaurant of course had all the attributes as well – simple and elegant. I loved it!

Kazakstan2 309_

Different shops offer the whole range of chocolate bunnies and eggs.. Think this is very cute and tasty present you could possibly get:) But I like when in addition to chocolate you can get something more.. Like for example these cute boxes which can be used afterwards:


It’s not just bright boxes with chocolate – I found it in the fair trade shop in Perth – Oxfam shop. There were a lot of cool objects made from recycled materials. Check out this shop – they have really interesting stuff – one more picture from the shop:


Well, I will share some of the decoration and DIY projects sourced from the Internet (mainly from Creative ideas FB page) – I’m just impressed with the number of different things you can do with a simple egg..

Sparkling_eggs Lace_eggs Heart eggs Elegant_eggs Colourful  Eggs Bunny_napkin Bunny_milk_cookies Bunny bottle

tableHappy Easter!