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I don’t how I came to this month’s theme.. maybe it’s all about weather change and very autumn feel in the air..? Anyhow today I feel very purple:)) I wear 4 shades of purple and even my eye shadows are purple:)  So, why not to fill my blog with some purple touch today?

Although the colour is quite bold and difficult to work with, it is also somehow intriguing and it’s most tender light shades are very inviting and relaxing. I most like the combination of the purple with greens, reds, whites and gold. Have a look at some interiors I’ve came across in the Internet:

Purple_chairs Purple_rug Purple_gray_wallpaper Purple_red_white Picture 108 Living room_purp Purp+black

Purple&lamps Purple Purple&red Purple_room Purple_stipes Purple in bathroom Purple_bath

The images are mainly sourced from FB community Decor and Pinterest