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Today I will share a guest post prepared by Veronika from Design Top Trends. I like the work of Zeta Studio featured in the post. I think this is a great example of the “new meets old” concept. Check it out yourself.

TOP combination of blue and yellow:  Capri Suite by Zeta Studio


There isn’t any better way to keep historical buildings for the future, than preserve as much as we can from the original form, integrate some contemporary traits and give them a new function.  Fortunately that’s exactly what happened to DTT Team’s choice of the week, to the old Italian monastery of San Michele.

The architectures of Zeta Studio had the chance to redesign part of the ancient convent in the small village of Anacapri (Island Capri) and turn into a fascinating 2-bedroom boutique hotel.

capri1 capri2

 ‘Less is more’ might be the main idea behind the whole concept, as white walls dominate all around the house and remain true to the basics of the Italian architecture. Clean and fresh, with a cosy atmosphere, which invites you and gives shelter against the stifling temperature. To cheer up the rooms, the designers applied the combination of 2 characteristic colours, blue and yellow. Match made in heaven, because the blending works: a cheery holiday location.

The bedroom themes based on the above mentioned colours: guests can be accommodated in the en-suite Blue Room or Yellow Room.

capri8 capri9

The architectures left some of the original monastery walls visible, as they did so in the living room, which connects the bedroom with the kitchen.


The inner garden is the pearl of the hotel: a peaceful hideaway under the blue sky, away from the curious eyes.


Are you already in love with Capri Suite? Fancy visiting the island and experiencing the Italian design personally? Make a booking on their website.

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