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May is a special month for me. I was relocating back to Russia this month and, as you can imagine, I was very busy organizing everything and meeting with people. When sitting in the airport’s café I was reflecting on my 2 years spent in wonderful land of Oz.. Amazing how many interesting, talented people I met! And even more interesting fact – how:)) I met several neighbors of mine outside of the building we all live in.. at absolutely random events. It came out that with some people I had common friends living in Russia, etc. World is really small!

I was thinking about paths that people take, and how they meet new people, and how some people influence other people’s choices … etc. It’s a little philosophic, but I thought that the roads we choose – they create some sort of patterns  – each individual’s patterns of life:) My philosophic mood influenced this month’s theme. To be honest, I’m generally a big lover of the interesting patterns and combinations of those in the interior (check out my Pinterest boards, you will understand;)), so this topic is one of my favourites. Enjoy the selection I’ve prepared for today!

Orange&patterns 602395_489643384392995_1362767911_n Elle_patterns Cool wallpaper Floral Braun bedroom Mirrors_pillows Pin1 Pin3 Pin4 Pin2

The images sourced from Elle, Apartment therapy, Pinterest, FB groups