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One of my favourite places in Sydney was Gazebo and the Winery (two very nice places owned by the same owner). Very cool designs and vibe – always:)

Today I will share pictures of Gazebo. I love the mix of furniture, candles, patterns and use of plants. It creates very home-like atmosphere. I especially like the column which visitors may use to write something for memory:)

IMG_2738 IMG_2557 IMG_2564 IMG_2550 IMG_2554_Gazebo Also, toilets … One of the most creative examples of the bathrooms design.. posters, frames, light, texts. Seriously, you won’t be willing to leave them: in every room walls have some cool and funny sayings written with black highlighter… Some of them are very funny. So, there’s a big chance that you will stick there just reading it:)

IMG_2542 IMG_2531__1 IMG_2534_

Needless to say that great choice of wines and cocktails helps to keep conversations flow;)