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Laurance is a nice winery in Western Australia which I visited a while ago. It is a really unique and cozy place. It was funny how our guide insisted we all visited bathroom.. He was right! It’s a real gallery.. and then a bathroom:) Each cabin has a painting .. and combination of the paintings, muted earth colours and wooden mirror frames add that museum feel (I know it feels a bit weird to use the rooms as they are ment to).

Laurance winery counter Winery bathroom

Art is not locked in these rooms only. It’s everywhere: the hall and the main restaurant area. I definitely liked to see all those works of talented people who the owner supported by featuring their works in the winery.

Laurance winery corridor Chandelier Laurance winery main room

The owner is a very energetic and inspirational woman – Dianne. (I just could not skip this one) First of all she just beams with that positive energy, so you inevitably fall under her charmth. Second of all this women is a big supporter of women in general and those, who have less chances to success, in third world in particular. She inspires with her deeds and her success. So, I would definitely recommend to visit the place and, if you have a chance, to speak to her.

By the way Dianne and her husband were very successful enterprenuers before they decided to try wine making. Originally this idea was more like a hobby – to create a wine for own family. Well, did I tell you that she is very energetic? Currently the winery has considerable land (sorry don’t have exact data) under grapes, a restaurant, a garden of 1000 bushes and a lake connected with the restaurant with nice aisle covered in rose petals. It’s not only produces delicious wines, but is also a very pleasant and nice place to stay for lunch or dinner. Needless to say this picturesque place now is very popular for weddings.

Laurance winery garden Laurance winery