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God.. it’s been so busy these days.. I absolutely did not have time for my blog:) But there were so many discoveries I want to share.. I decided to start with Las Vegas, where I popped in during my vacation. The most impressive for me was Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan hotel.

The bar takes three levels and located in what you can tell a massive chandelier.. I haven’t seen anything like this before! Seriously, thousands of threads with glass beads.. it looks just amazing! I tried to find nice pictures of the bar, but it is pretty hard to do. It’s one of those places you really need to see yourself. In any case below I’m sharing those pictures I took and those I managed to find in the Internet. Hope it will give you an impression on how great it is!

Chandelier Vegas cosmopolitan_chandelier Publicity photo of The Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Chandelier ROCWL_chandelier The-Chandelier-Bar-Las-Vegas Chandelier bar Vegas_ Chandelier bar_