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Bricks and wood – perfect combination! I saw this project in The Village, the Moscow news portal and could not refrain from sharing it with you.
The Russian designer Anna Pliss decided to decorate her apartment exactly with these two core materials. It was easy because for the apartment she converted what was before a manufacturing space made of bricks. This loft-type apartment has two levels and is designed as a studio with several zones visually separated from each other by furniture and a wall covered with wood.
I like big windows, very distinctive attribute of an old manufactory. They fill the apartment with a lot of light and add some brightness to darker tones of the main materials used in the interior.
Brick_interior1 Brick_interior2 Brick_interior4 Brick_interior3 Brick_interior5 Brick_interior7 Brick_interior6 Generally, I think this apartment has more male character, rather than female. In my point of view a use of raw materials in every single line and corner creates quite rough interior associated with man’s spirit. I like how it looks visually, but prefer to live in a softer colours and fabrics:)