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Black and white as well as gold are very bold beautiful colours. Their combination always looks very classy and pretentious both in clothes and interiors. I was interested whether use of only this palette would create classiness in everything and decided to search for the Halloween decoration. I must admit I love what I found and yes – these colours are the winning ones when you want to have some sort of sophistication. Although I liked the combination of black and reach pumpkin colours as well.

White and gold pumpkin_white1 pumpkin_white pumpkin table decoration B&W pumpkin haloween lights haloween_black

Skull chair can also be very cool festive attribute:

scull chair

Alright, at the end a little bit of scary stuff (It’s Halloween, right?:)) Biscuits “Witch’s fingers” – they are quite creepy, but so in the halloween spirit!:))

пальцы ведьмыHappy Halloween!