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horse illustration

Hi everyone! Just several hours left before we all step into a new year.. a year of new plans, hopes and challenges:) This year was pretty big and interesting for me – a lot of big decisions made, new awesome friends met, new places discovered, relocation back to Russia… just a lot of everything. I only wish I had more time for blogging..:) Last 2-3 months were particularly busy, so not many posts from me, unfortunately. I hope I will have more time and energy for all my interests in the New Year!

According to the Chinese horoscope the upcoming year is a year of a blue horse. Yes – blue is a very cold colour, but also very beautiful and deep – one of my favourites! Given I am currently in snowy Russia, preparing for the New Year celebration, blue and white have naturally became the colours of my choice for the last post in year 2013. Below are some great examples of the blue and white combination used in the interiors:

Blue interior1 Blue interior2 blue and orange blue bathroom

From light blue to deep water blue is very beautiful in festive decorations:

blue interior eve tree blue pines blue decor

Pictures are sourced from Pinterest, Adore Magazine, Cottages and Gardens, Royal Design Studio, At the Picket Fence.

Hope you all will have an amazing celebration of the New Year with your friends and families. Don’t forget to make a wish before 12!:)