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My today’s post will be devoted to the great designer – Ferruccio Laviani – whose works I discovered quite recently (shame on me). I especially like his works in furniture and lighting design. I am simply in love with his “Vibration” collection of cabinets and sideboards. I’m sure they won’t leave anyone untouched, because it really is a combination of two worlds: tangible and intangible. These pieces give an impression that you’ve got to another world, where a change of a electro-magnetic signal can make solid furniture disappear in a few moments:)

Actually all furniture he does looks absolutely stunning. Just have a look at my choice of the works:



Ferruccio Laviani Lavianni ferruccio-laviani-theredlist

I also like the designs of the pendant lights and table lamps:

Pendant lights Ferruccio_Laviani_Bourgie_Lamp_ kartell-ferruccio laviani-blue colour trend2011 - interior design

What can I say.. Ferruccio Laviani is a true master. Is this because he is Italian?:) Italy was a home to the most respected artists of all times. I think you need to visit Italy at least once to appreciate how great they were. So, I think being an Italian already gives people one great advantage: they soak in all the beauty of the ancestors’s works from the childhood. This is probably why Lavanni’s works demonstrate impeccable taste and mastership. He surely took the furniture design to another level.