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Hello, my friends! I know – long time no see:) I’ve been working very hard in 2014 and could barely find time for some of my interests, including this blog.

The first post in 2015 I would like to start with New Years wishes.  I wish everyone achieved all goals in 2015 set at the beginning of the year and also had a good work/life balance;) I wish that for myself in particular – I hope to find more time for all my hobbies and new plans:)

I will start this year’s blogging with my recent discovery –  Haris Jusovic’s chairs. This is increadible! I love creative minds! Contemporary design fascinates me the most when creativity is applied to something tangible and also can be used in real life, like this chairs. Yes, they do look like art objects, but they are furniture too! I doubt they will fit any design, but they can definitely be used as an accent point in some artistic interiors or in the bars or restaurants.
Check out the photos. Where would you put them?
butterfly chair chocolate chair egg chair Phone chair pizza chair wine chairPizza_pasta chair basketball chair
Pictures are courtesy of the designer.