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Today I am sharing great material contributed to my blog by Jane Blanchard, who shares with us some interesting ideas on how to decorate a stairway hall.

The staircase isn’t typically a place where you stop and hang out, but that’s no reason to neglect the space. Transform this little space into something truly special — check out some of Jane’s favorite ideas below and get inspired.

Make it Useful

Stairway1Via Zillow Digs

Don’t waste the open space behind your stairs. This home added more bookshelves for the owner’s vast collection of reading material, but you can easily fill your own shelves with whatever treasures and trinkets you have around your home to display. When creating your own built-in bookshelves you can customize the size and shape to fit whatever you want to store on them.


Via: Houzz

If you have more paintings or photos than you have wall space in your living area for, consider hanging them on the stairway walls. Stagger the frames so that a person who is walking up the stairs will always have the images at his or her eye level. The edges of the frames will have a stepped appearance that nicely matches the stairs, creating visual cohesion, and you can use any pictures you have available. Whether you want to hang up all of your family photos or inspiring nature shots, the walls around the stairs are the perfect spot for your pictures.

Three-Dimensional Art


Via: Houzz

This staircase wall has artwork that pops out. The three-dimensional flowers attached to the painted trees on the walls create an unusual piece of artwork in an unexpected place. The addition of mirrors and a small seat at the landing enhance the feeling of being in a garden rather than walking up a flight of stairs.

Raised Wall Paneling


Via: Zillow Digs

Even with a monochromatic color scheme, this stairway is anything but boring. The raised wall paneling adds a graceful touch to the walls without being gaudy or detracting from the elegance of the chandelier above. This is a good option if you want to keep things simple and understated but still desire something decorative for the walls around your stairs. To add this design, just nail molding onto your walls to create squares, rectangles, paneling or other designs and paint everything the same color.

Match Your Home’s Décor


Via: Houzz

This home used a thick rope along the stairway as a decorative handrail to match the overall nautical theme of the home. Your house does not have to have boats and fish on the walls for you to use this idea. Any rustic or country décor could benefit from using a rope along the wall as a decoration.


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