Below are the links to my favourite websites, the great sources of my inspiration:)

Great sources for interior ideas:

1. Interior Holic 

2. Houzz

3. Design D’Autore  – art and design inspirations

4. Royal Design Studio – great stencils and DIY projects

5. Home designing

6. Minimalisti

7. Freshhome

8. Founterior

9. The Cool Hunter

Social places worthwhile visiting (at least from interior design perspective):

1. Ginza project  – amazing company owing a number of restaurants in Russian cities, NYC and London. All restaurants I visited so far were just incredible both interiors and kitchen wise!

Interior blogs:

1. Apartment therapy

2. Mocoloco

3. Absolutely beautiful things

4. House of Turquoise

5. Design Milk

6. Sarah Dorsey

7. Pabla en casa

Facebook sources:

1. Decor

2. Interior and decor

3. Creative Ideas

4. Art and Interior Design

G+ community

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